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Tarot Card Reading Parties

Looking for something unique to do with your friends?
Prefer in person tarot card readings?
Need an idea for your mother-in-laws birthday party?

Book a Tarot Card Reading Party with me!

Tarot Readings

Not sure which road to take? Troubled love life? Looking for a better job?

Find clarity through the wisdom of Tarot!

Magickal Coaching

Looking for some “how-to” spell help? Not sure which herbs, candle colors, or oils will get the best results?

Instead of hiring a professional to do the spell for you, save a LOT of money by having me coach you HOW to do the magick yourself!

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Witchcraft and Transformation

It's trendy right now to be a witch & cast spells for what you want. That's all good, but did you know you can utilize witchcraft for more than gaining material items or situations?

How I Became a Witch

This is my brief account about how I became a Witch.

Chakra Rose Grounding Meditation

The Chakra Rose Grounding Meditation is my basic guided meditation that will teach you how to ground yourself and how to open & close your chakras. With practice this meditation will increase your psychic skills of visualization & moving energy through your...

Guided Meditation to Meet The Morrigan

This is a reading of "Transform Yourself with The Morrigan Meditation" by Tara Reynolds at I found this meditation to be very helpful when I first began getting to know The Morrigan.

Who is The Morrigan?

I read an article today by John Beckett entitled "What It Means When We Talk About “The Universe”. And it got me to thinking......about my own spiritual beliefs, and about my own spiritual relationships. This article says much of what I believe but have been unable...