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Tarot Card Reading Parties

Looking for something unique to do with your friends?
Prefer in person tarot card readings?
Need an idea for your mother-in-laws birthday party?

Book a Tarot Card Reading Party with me!

Tarot Readings

Not sure which road to take? Troubled love life? Looking for a better job?

Find clarity through the wisdom of Tarot!

Magickal Coaching

Looking for some “how-to” spell help? Not sure which herbs, candle colors, or oils will get the best results?

Instead of hiring a professional to do the spell for you, save a LOT of money by having me coach you HOW to do the magick yourself!

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How to Use Charcoal for Incense

How to use charcoal for incense

Morrigan Invocation

This is an invocation I say in my daily devotional practice for The Morrigan. Want to learn more about The Morrigan? Here are a few resources: Lora O'Brien is an Irish pagan author and expert (imo) regarding The Morrigan. You can find videos about The Morrigan on her...

Ancestor Invocation

This is an invocation that I say during my daily devotions for The Ancestors

Witches Salt (Black Salt)

How to make & use Witches Salt aka Black Salt

Harm None – The Wiccan Rede

My thoughts on what is often called The Wiccan Rede. I am not Wiccan, I am an eclectic traditional leaning witch. What do YOU think?