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Tarot Card Reading Parties

Looking for something unique to do with your friends?
Prefer in person tarot card readings?
Need an idea for your mother-in-laws birthday party?

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Tarot Readings

Not sure which road to take? Troubled love life? Looking for a better job?

Find clarity through the wisdom of Tarot!

Magickal Coaching

Looking for some “how-to” spell help? Not sure which herbs, candle colors, or oils will get the best results?

Instead of hiring a professional to do the spell for you, save a LOT of money by having me coach you HOW to do the magick yourself!

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Becca’s Test Post

Daily Tarot

Daily Tarot: Queen of Rods - It's a perfect day to let your light shine bright, tell the forces of evil to take a hike, and skip merrily off on your way to success

Daily Tarot

Daily Tarot : 8 of Pentacles - The energies today favor steady progress with the continuation of plans, projects & goals. Keep on keepin on!

At The Morrigan’s Altar

At The Morrigan's altar today I stand in a strange liminal place. The best description I can think of from my experiences with her: Deep, dark, liminal, otherworldly, makes no sense in the 3D world, primal very very primal.  I am certain that our ancestors thousands...

Remember the Ancestors

I wonder what those who come after us will think of us when they look back on this time period. In future times, thousands of years from now, maybe when humans exist in a dimensional form that is difficult to even imagine for those of us here in 2020, will a...