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Magickal Coaching

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Humanity is Asleep

The state of the country I live in is spiraling downward. This isn’t new or sudden. It has just become more noticeable. I first truly noticed this right after 9-11. The first few days after 9-11 I was glued to CNN just like everyone else. Then something seemed off to...

The Morrigan: Goddess of More Than War

It seems to be commonly known that people who work with (or for lol) The Morrigan are warriors. And now it’s also fairly well known that “warriors” includes those who are fighting more than just state sanctioned war in the military. Social justice warriors, police...

Pluto and Saturn Conjuction and the Morrigan

Today marks the much anticipated and feared Pluto and Saturn Conjunction. The last time we had this, with the same aspects going on and the same planets in these particular places, was in 1285 and in 1426. I was contemplating looking up highlights of world history on...

How (and why) to Cast a Circle

One of the first things that all new witches learn is how to cast a circle. A circle serves as an energetic temple. It is the equivalent of church on the astral planes. It is an energetically quiet space where nothing exists except for the witch and whoever the witch...

Are You REALLY Sure You Are A Witch?

“Witchcraft” is enjoying a renaissance. It’s everywhere on the internet! Instagram is loaded with sexy, picture perfect, Witch Aesthetic witches – all of whom appear to be top model gorgeous and independently wealthy. Facebook has hundreds of Witch Groups with members...