At The Morrigan’s altar today I stand in a strange liminal place. The best description I can think of from my experiences with her: Deep, dark, liminal, otherworldly, makes no sense in the 3D world, primal very very primal.  I am certain that our ancestors thousands of years ago were quite familiar with this as a part of their communities and everyday lives as they witnessed nature changing all day every day for their entire lives. It makes sense to me that The Morrigan is probably a very ancient force of nature. She is many things and she is very mysterious.  It’s hard to put her into a box, she defies being boxed in! She’s a shapeshifter.  She changes constantly. That is her energy – catalytic energy, goddess of death and change, end of one situation beginning of a new situation.  That is her very essence as I experience it on a very visceral level.  Astrologically I have a lot of things in my chart that are Morriganic ie Scorpionic. I would love to be able to do a survey of people who have a relationship with The Morrigan. I would like to see if there are any components in their chart that seem to consistently stand out. I suspect that there’s probably a lot of very transformational energy in the astrology charts of persons who end up working with her. It wouldn’t surprise me, but then again I could be wrong and I could find something completely different! You just never know, especially with The Morrigan….