The state of the country I live in is spiraling downward. This isn’t new or sudden. It has just become more noticeable.

I first truly noticed this right after 9-11. The first few days after 9-11 I was glued to CNN just like everyone else. Then something seemed off to me – the interviews with “random people on the street” were distinctly propaganda-like. Persons who thought the USA should go to war were well dressed, clean, and appeared to be intelligent. Persons who thought the USA should investigate further looked like junkies who had slept in a garbage dumpster, appeared to be high, and could barely speak coherently. I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. Then I began to notice sudden changes in the environment around me – there were cameras everywhere, along with billboards encouraging emergency preparedness….

Fast forward to 2020: I am in America and not sure what is going on in other countries. But what I see here is all day every day people are outraged, anxiety ridden, afraid, stressed out and glued to the technology that hypnotizes us. Reality TV is on every channel. We are told we are in grave danger due to guns and a suddenly violent society (we are actually living in the least violent and most tolerant society in known history!). Most of our average diets contain frankenfoods without nutrients. There is no clean water left. Wifi is everywhere. Bees are dying. Oil pipelines are leaking onto the earth destroying the water sources and environment. Alexa and Siri can run your life and home for you. Everyone requires medication for depression, anxiety, ADD, PMDD, stress, and every other new diagnosis that has been “discovered”……(exactly how did Americans develop such a massive deficiency of serotonin and norepinephrine?) and Everyone is The Enemy you should be terrified of– immigrants, brown skinned people, the flu, wrinkles, poor people, germs, Republicans, Democrats…..this list could go on a long time! WAKE UP!!!!! You are in the middle of a silent war and you are so vegged out you don’t even know it!

It’s not a war for physical resources like gold or water. It’s not a war for your soul. It’s not a war for your mind(well, partially). Your mind is part of the equation though. Part of the equation, part of the problem, and also part of the solution.

This is a war of outright thievery – for your ENERGY!

Easily stolen when the mind is distracted. Easily stolen when you are afraid. Easily stolen when you are anxious. Easily stolen when you are taught not to fight back. Easily stolen when you can’t function on your own survival skills in a plastic concrete world.

Anything is possible

After I saw the THIRD goblin visit my workplace I decided it was time to discuss the….changes….going on in our world. And I say this from a place of paradox. My belief may be correct and true, and it may be pure delusion – a result of mental illness or otherwise induced state of belief.

Anything is possible.

Friendly aliens. Evil aliens. Interdimensional travel. Space travel. Conspiracy theories(pizzagate anyone?). Old gods awakening. Mass hypnosis through technology. Long, slow purposeful destruction. Global warming. The Kali Yuga. The Aquarian Age. Seeing pterodactyls. Visits from goblins. Armored spiders. Traces of Otherworldly creatures becoming more….real.

Anything is possible.

When I deeply meditate The Morrigan shows up. She tells me The Veil that separates the Otherworld from this world is almost completely destroyed – on purpose, with evil intent. She tells me humans must learn to operate in a new paradigm, with the Fae, as our worlds are no longer separate. She tells me this is a war that will be eventually won, it will be a long battle, but we must hurry to prevent more overall suffering. And She wants me to write about this and put it out there for others to see. Others are writing online about this problem with The Veil also. As I type this a crow caws loudly outside.

So what is the point of this strange little blog article? Whether you agree with my perceptions or not at least give this a try: see what happens when you try tuning out current consensus reality.

Try turning your phone and computer completely off for a week. Or for one day. Hell, try it for an hour! During that one hour sit quietly. If you can, go outside and be in nature. Pay attention to the air moving in and out of your lungs, in and out of your nostrils. Close your eyes and just listen. Do this regularly. And see if you begin to notice anything. Wake Up.