“Witchcraft” is enjoying a renaissance. It’s everywhere on the internet! Instagram is loaded with sexy, picture perfect, Witch Aesthetic witches – all of whom appear to be top model gorgeous and independently wealthy. Facebook has hundreds of Witch Groups with members counting in the thousands. Funny memes abound, astrology has gone mainstream, witchcraft is cool, and even hexing is ok now – unlike in the 90’s Wicca Storm that Fluffed us all! Thank you New Agers and Llewellyn for that cursed blessing lol. Anyone can be a witch – especially if you have a large collection of shiny crystals! Interested in shooting fireballs of hate and sweet revenge at your local bully and becoming the hero of your school? Wanna be friends with a supercool Deity that makes you wealthy and gorgeous? Maybe a Goddess will bring you the Perfect Husband?! I can’t even type this shit without laughing…..and I have a hard time believing that many of the people who call themselves witches are actually witches. Most are dabblers, and that’s ok. I just sometimes wish there was a specific term for this to delineate the Light Retail Experimental Witch from the Raw Spirit Blood & Guts Witch. And don’t even get me started on the confusing term Traditional Witch….

Current mainstream belief says anyone can be a witch. I say it depends on your definition and practices. I believe it is a calling, something in the ancestry, something in the blood. By MY personal definition and practice, not many people would really WANT to be a witch.

Ask yourself if you are eagerly awaiting your entire existence to be turned upside down and for much of what you thought you knew to be proven wrong? Ready and waiting for all your personal demons to be exposed, faced down, and accepted as a part of yourself that you can choose not to cater to – REPEATEDLY- with no denial and no excuses? Looking forward to the Unquiet Dead showing up at your next ritual so you can have a real paranormal experience? Have a pre-written list of reasons regarding why you practice effective magick but are not yet a billionaire or in perfect physical health? Oh, and don’t wanna forget my favorite Personal Accountability for All My Choices & Actions.

The path of Witchcraft has caused me to grow in ways I never would have thought possible. It has been a path of pain, and death, and growth, and change. I learned who I really am (not at all who I was trying to be) and accepted the fact that I am not nearly as nice, or as blameless, or as awful as I thought I was. I now know with all certainty that I am never truly alone and that my Ancestors have my back. I now know that magick is indeed real, but tends to manifest in unexpected ways as energy travels easily on the path of least resistance – no morals required. I have learned that being a witch will inevitably cause me to be strange, weird and Other as it imparts a perspective not held by many of my fellow humans. And last but not least I have begun to heal emotional sickness and wounds, some that have been passed down to me in a long wreckage trail of ancestral DNA. I practice a bit in both the dark and light, but mostly in the fuzzy area between the two extremes, and always with heavy spirit involvement.

Can we please come up with some terms that tell the world who you are and what you do with some clarity before beginning conversations that end up being very confusing…..and can earn me some really strange looks from L.R.E.W.’s that have no idea what I’m talking about lol.