Today marks the much anticipated and feared Pluto and Saturn Conjunction. The last time we had this, with the same aspects going on and the same planets in these particular places, was in 1285 and in 1426. I was contemplating looking up highlights of world history on those years, meditating, and listening to Heilung. Then I felt something sharp poke me, and The Morrigan is here and she is quite unhappy with my procrastinating Libra ass.

She has made a request of me. Seriously, I think She could have chosen a better person for this task, and I know She has others out there doing the same task. For whatever reason, She has made this request, and I agreed to comply but kept putting it off – because I claim no authority regarding The Morrigan. I am not an official Preistess of The Morrigan, have no special initiation, nor am I a member of any special groups that give me the privilege to speak for The Morrigan. I have only my own personal experiences, or UPG’s (unverified personal gnosis). And these tend to be liminal and Otherworldly which makes them difficult or impossible to verify by 3D means. Also , I fully embrace the awareness of other possibilities as explanations for my experiences – such as Aliens playing with my mind, schizophrenia, or wishful thinking. I am knowingly existing in this space of paradox. For now, I choose to believe my experiences are real and that I am in the service of The Morrigan. And I am honored (and slightly terrified, I won’t lie lol) that She decided to take an interest in lil ol imperfect me. And She frankly doesn’t seem to give a fuck about any of the above, and insists I do this RIGHT NOW. So, here goes:

The Morrigan is collecting devotees. There are others out there writing about her also. Check out their work. Find information from any available resources about The Morrigan if you find yourself at all curious about Her.

Her reasons are Her own.

On my part I believe we are in a time of great change and it does not surprise me that a Queen of the Otherworld, a Goddess of Sovereignty, Battle, and Fate (and many other things) is taking a great interest in the 3D world at this time. Our realms are interconnected and overlapping. What happens here has a reverberating effect and vice versa.

As above, So below.