It seems to be commonly known that people who work with (or for lol) The Morrigan are warriors. And now it’s also fairly well known that “warriors” includes those who are fighting more than just state sanctioned war in the military. Social justice warriors, police officers, environmental lobbyists and more can be counted as modern day warriors. But The Morrigan is a goddess of so much more than battle alone. Does She choose persons who are not necessarily warriors? Yes, She does! The Morrigan, The Great Queen of the Otherworld, is also known to be a goddess of sovereignty, fate, shapeshifting, prophecy,and magick. I believe She chose me due to my ability to recieve prophetic visions and dreams – aka“the sight”, and due to a propensity for magickal skills that show up in her mythology. And likely She also chooses those with other gifts that She is connected to in mythology.

Here is my own personal story:

When I was in the 4th grade I had a prophetic dream of my own possible death. At the time,we lived in Springfield, Missouri and I had been going to church with my friend Terri who lived across the street. I was raised without religion, so this church thing was always an adventure for me. Church was fun! I got to dress up in pretty clothes(libra!). In Sunday school we colored pictures, sang songs, had story time, and got cookies. Then one night I had a dream that I died. This dream disturbed me. I didn’t know why. But it stayed on my mind and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Finally I told Terris mom about my dream:

I had died and was standing at the bottom of a giant white marble spiral stairway, with golden bannisters. The stairway went all the way up into the clouds. I walked up the stairs. As I walked there were doves flying all around the baby blue sky. An angelic choir sung beautiful songs that I couldn’t understand as I walked ever upward. I was puzzled. Then, when I was almost at the top of the stairs, I saw Jesus at the great pearly gates. He was surrounded by fluffy white lambs. He held out his arms to greet me with a hug as I approached the end of the stairway. Only 1 more step left…..then I abruptly woke up.

I can’t remember the exact wording that Terris mom responded with, but it was something along the lines of Jesus loves you or some other pat, reassuring phrase. But I knew it was not a dream to let me know that Jesus loved me. I knew there was *something* important about it but didn’t know what it was. Eventually I stopped obsessing about the dream. We moved to Hammond,Indiana near the end of my 4th grade year. Then in the first few weeks of 5th grade I suddenly became very ill. I woke up in the hospital. My mom told me I had been in a coma for a week , that they didn’t know if I would ever wake up, and that there was a possibility I would die. It was then that I understood what the dream had been telling me.

This was followed up by 2 decades of insomnia. In my early 30’s I began serious spiritual exploration after a few extreme spooky foo experiences. I took up meditation and learned how to read tarot. It was during a meditation session that a realization occurred – I was afraid of going to sleep and never waking up. I was also afraid of having another prophetic dream. After this realization the insomnia completely disappeared. I began having prophetic dreams, astral traveling, and receiving visions. And of course The Morrigan began making appearances too. So if you think The Morrigan is trying to get your attention or that She might be calling you, don’t discount it because you aren’t a warrior type of person!!! Also I would like to hear more from and about other Morrigan devotees with a prophetic or magickal bent. I know ya’ll are out there. Let’s discuss!