*sigh* Here I am again to write more about The Morrigan. Apparently someone She wants to communicate with needs to see this! The Great Queen is now sending messages to me via other people. She is being…..atypically upset. I don’t know what to say, other than if you’ve EVER had an interest in The Morrigan then NOW is the time to delve into finding out more about her. Because She may want your help. The sighing is not about her request, but about the fact that the human race appears to be more interested in shopping on Amazon & Wish, looking at Fakebook memes, and complaining about it’s always depressed and/or anxious emotional state than it is in stopping the destruction of our planet or the suffering of the beings- human and otherwise-  living on said planet.

Right now I am enjoying the first Spring I can remember having in YEARS. Yes, an actual season that is distinctly different from Summer and Winter for those of you who have never experienced it before. Here in the Midwest it traditionally involved midrange temperatures, days of sun and days of rain, with a few big storms sprinkled in. Also of note is the fact that right now, in some large city, somewhere on planet Earth, people are seeing the blue sky and fluffy clouds FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.

Read that last paragraph again, very slowly, and let that sink in.

If witnessing the effects of a decrease in pollution due to societal shutdowns doesn’t convince you that human “progress” is effecting the weather on Earth then probably nothing will. So we’ll get back to our demoralizing  corporate jobs that don’t pay us enough to buy all the cool things our friends on Fakebook have, or the 2 or 3 part time jobs that don’t pay us enough to cover the rent. If those jobs are still there after the Covid Crisis….

Life as we knew it does not exist anymore.

Which brings me back around to The Morrigan.

She is popularly known as a death & war goddess. But The Morrigan is a goddess of many things besides war and death. She is also a goddess of battle, prophecy, magick, shapeshifting, sovereignty, retribution, strife, protection, empowerment, and disempowerment.  She supports the team that is going to win. Whether She chooses the winner or is just directing events toward that end is up for debate. She likely has a hand in much more that I have no current knowledge of. In my quest to learn more about her through a variety of sources, and in interacting with her for a number of years, ONE thing that has become very clear to me is that She shows up before, or during, CHANGE.

Due to the fact that The Morrigan has been on a recruiting mission for a number of years now is a huge signal that BIG CHANGE is coming, or has begun. Typically people She has recruited feel *something* is coming up that they are needed to help with. I count myself as one of those people. I *knew* in my soul that BIG CHANGE was coming looooong before I discovered paganism. Personally I have heard many non-pagans say things to the same effect. Being pagan, or any religion at all, is not required to feel in your very heart and soul that *something* is coming.  I was expecting a big revolution in my country because historically it happens when empires crumble. And this country is definitely crumbling! I mean, look at our political media circus!!! It’s absolutely shameful! (And shameless) I’ve been looking forward to anarchy for 30 years! But now I think I may have been wrong on that count. Which makes me very, very sad.  An American  revolution would be preferable compared to what I now think may be coming up:  a worldwide financial depression.  Nothing will bring about true human evil like worldwide poverty and hunger. The awfulness potential with this scenario leaves me speechless. I most sincerely hope that I’m wrong!!!!! If it turns out I was wrong you are invited to laugh at me about it. Being a Mars in Sagittarius with Ascendant conjunct Uranus means I get laughed at a lot. It’s ok – I seriously give no fucks what anybody thinks about me. Except my cats. I hope they at least like me a little bit.

So, look up The Morrigan. You’ll find information via Google and Youtube. And if you’re not pagan, or interested in The Morrigan, no matter *what* comes down the pike please just try to be a decent human…..