In this blog I will be posting information and videos regarding my personal practice of Witchcraft such as spells and how-to’s. Along the way , I will be relating my experiences with the goddess that I am in service to, The Morrigan. It is my hope that this blog will be helpful to others!

October 1992
     A cowbell clanged loudly next to my right ear. An invisible woman yelled into my ear “Stay away from this man!”  He was good looking. Really good looking. He leaned over the table, still standing, and looked me dead in the eye for a brief moment. A brief moment because I looked away and excused myself. Because I had lost my mind.

Of course, I married him.

Autumn 1997
     I cringed at the sight of the red light blinking on the answering machine. Then I reluctantly listened to my messages. Adam’s latest message informed me that I had ruined his life, that my friends who had introduced us at their cookout were in on the plot to ruin his life, and that we would all pay for ruining his life. That was followed up with a long series of whoops, chirps, and growling. This was the weirdest message yet. 

     The police were tired of me calling them and having to repeatedly tell me there was nothing they could do. “Yes, ma’am it is strange that this man sits in his car across the street staring at your house, stands on the sidewalk in front of your house for hours on end, follows you everywhere in his car, and in stores, leaves notes on your car, looks in your windows, and leaves you crazy voice mail messages. But he is not directly threatening bodily harm to you so there is nothing we can do.” No point calling them yet again.

“He’s coming for you tonight!” a woman’s voice yelled angrily into my right ear.

I remembered the last time she’d yelled in my ear and wished I had listened.

This time I did listen.

     I called my friend Diana who had listened to me whine repeatedly about Adam for the last 6 months. She wasn’t home but her husband Don was. Essentially I let him know that the man who had been stalking me for the last 6 months had reached a new level of crazy and I was absolutely terrified.  Don brought a Ruger 45 over to my house and showed me how to use it.

I didn’t tell him that I was terrified because an invisible lady had yelled at me earlier that day.

That evening Adam broke in. He smashed right through the front door of my apartment.

This day marked the official beginning of my path in Witchcraft.

I would not find out until years later who the invisible lady was.