I read an article today by John Beckett entitled “What It Means When We Talk About “The Universe”.

And it got me to thinking……about my own spiritual beliefs, and about my own spiritual relationships. This article says much of what I believe but have been unable to put into words in an understandable way. When I refer to “the Universe” it is in a non-monotheistic manner. I usually use this terminology when communicating spiritual stuff with my more Wiccan or New Age friends. When I say “the Universe was looking out for me today” or “the Universe always brings me what I need” to ME means that my spiritual team, consisting of My Ancestors and My Gods, has done me a solid, in exchange for me doing something for them in the past or in the future. It’s a reciprocal relationship. But I find it tends to disturb my friends who have somewhat different views so I just say “the Universe” when conversing with them. I am comfortable enough with my spiritual reality that I feel no need to convince anyone that they need to see it my way. I once believed as they did so I can understand where they’re coming from. And frankly, I have a lot of work to do. My team will kick my ass if I don’t keep up and get shit done that I have promised them. Right now I don’t have time to argue lol!


I also believe our spiritual team can be seen in our natal horoscopes. I sure wasn’t looking for a fierce warrior goddess to kick my ass when I stepped out onto the peaceful Wiccan path years ago. But my astrological chart sure points to that being appropriate for me lol.


And then of course I started to think about how I would describe my relationship with The Morrigan.


I refer to her as a goddess. But the truth is I am not certain she is a goddess. Maybe she is a force of Nature? She IS a Queen of the Otherworld though, of that I am most certain. She has told me she has a hand in Fate. What that means exactly I am not sure of.  I don’t know if she is guiding events by her hand to create a future that SHE wants, or if she is guiding events to fit an already set Fate, or if she is up to something I have never considered. She is a master at blunt yet cryptic communication lol.  So I continually study and try to learn more for further understanding. I fully expect this to be a lifelong process.  She is not a fairy godmother type, or a guardian angel, or a familiar that I can order about. She has in fact told me she doesn’t actually care about humanity per se. Her concern is the Otherworld currently being affected by what humans are doing here in this plane of existence. Since the 2 are connected they do affect each other, along with other planes of existence too. One of the things she has requested of me is to speak and write about her. And in return I have recieved something that I needed help with.


At this point I will say I am jealous of those persons who claim Her patronage as a loving mother figure always watching over them.


I understand now why she is known as a tough goddess to work with.  Kinda like a tough drill sargeant who seems to have it in for you but you find out later they were trying to push you to find your own inner strength and power that you didn’t know you had….and when you are victorious or accomplished you receive a simple acknowledgement. No hugs or tears of joy.


In my quest for always learning more about The Morrigan I would love to hear from others! What have your experiences been like with The Morrigan? What do YOU believe about The Morrigan?


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