For this spell I used 2 different baby doll forms: one made from cardboard, and one made from felt. I burned a large red candle on a plate with Health Wealth Happiness herbs sprinkled around it. The candle should not be allowed to burn all the way burn all the way down as it will be used in the continuation of this spell over 9 days.

For Part 1 I used the human form on cardboard, named as myself, with the chant I use in Part 1 of the spell written on the back of it. Then it is burned it while chanting and walking widdershins (counterclockwise) around the fire.

For Part 2 I used a felt doll named for myself anointed wth vanvan oil and my own blood. The doll was then smudged in Health Wealth Happiness herbs. Part 1 of this spell should ideally be done at night, with Part 2 started the next day.

If you perform this spell you MUST give offerings to The Morrigan. I will leave it up to you to look up offerings to her. I made a specific agreement with her in exchange for her help, and also sacrificed several nice pieces of jewelry that had great importance to me, along with some of my own blood and crystals & herbs that are sacred to her. As always, divination is recommended prior to spellwork to determine if the spell is appropriate for you.